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08/24/97 updated


Toru Okada (Key)
born on Apr. 23, 1949

Hirobumi Suzuki (Eb)
born on May.19, 1954

Masahiro Takekawa (vln)
born on Dec.21, 1950

The No.1 cult star in Tokyo
Keiichi Suzuki (Vo,G)
borm on Aug.28, 1951

Tetsuro Kashibuchi (Dr)
born on Nov.11, 1950

Ryomei Shirai (G)
born on Feb.27, 1954

(left to right)

'Camera Egal Stylo'

'Mania Maniera'

'Amateur Academy'

'Aozora Hyakkei'

'Christ, Who's gonna
die first?'

'Satellite Serenade'
Suzuki K1 >>7.5c.c.
Jean-Luc Godard, Federico Fellini, Michel Legrand, Ennio Morricone, Twiggy, Catherine Spaak, punk, techno, house, etc..."Hey ! Are you talking about the PIZZICATO FIVE ?" No ! I'm talking about the MOONRIDERS.

The MOONRIDERS was formed in 1976. They are the oldest but the newest rock band in Tokyo. At the beginning of their history, they used to make their own sounds under the influence of American (Canadian?) rock bands like the Band, C.S.N. & Y. and the Buffalo Spring Field. But now, they make a hard electronic pop music with AKAI, YAMAHA and almost all kinds of technologies.

They have been changed their own style just like 'the Spinal Tap'. But the MOONRIDERS is an actual band.

If you want to know what happened in Japan, in the golden days of new wave, listen to the album 'Camera Egal Stylo' (1980). On this album, they used titles of nouvelles vagues films for their original techno-punk-dub tracks. It is a monument of Japanese new wave.
People who have an interest in avant-garde but pop music, should listen to 'Mania Maniera' (1982/1986). This album contains all elements of '80's-'90's digital beats sounds. It is very important one for them. They'd finished up the recording of it in 1981. But it was put on released in 1986. Because the record company thought that it is too progressive for Japanese listeners. Of course this episode is tragedy for them, but also it proves to us how creative they are !
Do you know the British rock band 'the Blue Nile' ? On the MOONRIDERS's album 'Amateur Academy' (1984), you are to find an answer to the Blue Nile, from Japan.
All members are crazy about the Beatles. 'Aozora Hyakkei' (1981) and 'Christ, Who's gonna die first?' (1992), they reproduced the Beatles sounds with their original melodies.

Unfortunately I have no information of the world wide distribution of their CD's. The MOONRIDERS may be a domestic cult star in Japan. But I strongly recommend you to listen to their sounds. Especially you want to be a rock crazy, you must search for their albums !
The Talking Heads, XTC, Todd Rundgren, Louis Philippe, the They Might Be Giants and the Blue Nile, if you are interested in these artists, I don't know why you missed the MOONRIDERS.

Now, I want to pay much attention to Keiichi Suzuki (the leader, vocal)'s works. In 1981, he arranged very very pop tune 'Twiggy, Twiggy' for the singer Maki Nomiya. Her join the Pizzicato Five in 1990. Yasuharu Konishi, the leader of the Pizzicato Five, re-arranged that number. So Keiichi is an originator.
And he has been collaborated with Pierre Barouh, Andy Partridge and Louis Philippe in his 25year's musical life. The latest album 'Satellite Serenade / Suzuki K1 >>7.5c.c.' (arranged by Dr.Alex Paterson, the Orb) had a ready sale in British techno-house chart in 1994.
He said "In the end of '70's, I happened to hear the DEVO's playing on a car radio. In that moment I could find a way to get out of a 'cul de sac' of old style rock'n roll".

At the end of this text, I really want to say "All of cool sounds had been tried by the MOONRIDERS in their history. They are the innovator and the originator".

Hiroshi Sadanari, Tokyo, 08/24/97

" Our sound is witten in cipher. So only a few people, who have a decorder, can break it. "

Keiichi Suzuki